“Ties have been a part of my life. Accessories were important to me as a child. My love for men’s fashion is infinite.” -Angel C. McArthur, Founder

South Carolina native Angel C. McArthur discovered her affinity to fashion at an early age. She vividly recalls childhood moments spent admiring her uncle (Terry McArthur) whose unique styling intrigued her and influenced her interest in men’s fashion. Pursuing fashion further took a back seat as Angel focused on her studies at Salem College in Winston Salem, NC from which she received her BA in Communications. She then relocated to Atlanta, GA, a southern fashion hub of sorts,where her love for neck wear and accessories was revitalized, prompting a swift move to the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue a more in depth look into different cultures, styles, innovative fashion, and the culmination of all three combined.

While in the Bay Area, Angel was employed as a visual merchandiser and stylist in several renowned department stores. In these capacities she utilized her knowledge of various styles, color palettes, seasonal trends to produce cohesive, innovative, visually appealing looks and designs. Furthermore, she proved her understanding and mastery of the methodologies and art of producing intricate designs and, in turn, making people look and feel stunning. Through her professional and personal experiences with clothing and accessories she was able to conceptualize, mold, and shape her own creative vision for fashion which she began to lay the foundation for in 2005.

With much dedication and hard work, Angel C. McArthur birthed Malak Ni LLC, an exclusive line of unique, high quality tailored unisex furnishings offering diverse patterns, styles and designs of classical, modern, and contemporary concepts. After much excitement and anticipation, Malak Ni’s debut collection “Inception” was launched in December 2010 with the radiant Summer 2011 collection “Refresh” nipping at its heels.

With the ambitious steering and artistic fervor of its founder, Malak Ni is looking to make an indelible mark on the neck wear and accessories industry. Malak Ni values quality, integrity, versatility, individuality and promises not to disappoint.

“Malak Ni represents the bold and definitive individual. Malak Ni represents you.”
-Angel C. McArthur, Founder

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